ZAO- The Funeral of God

It's difficult to know what audience Zao are going for with this, their ninth album.

The passing of time and band members has made 'The Funeral of God' far less abrasive than previous efforts and in fact weaker than anything currently on offer from same-label macabra obsessives Bleeding Through or riff brethren Throwdown.

The production is thick and fierce but lighter moments are mostly ugly interruptions rather than genuine flashes of a desire to change or brilliance and newly appointed clean vocals feel uncomforatbel and tacked on.

There are a few standout moments, the twisting static and screams of opener 'Breath of the the Black Muse' and the Pantera-like groove to 'Praise the War Machine' but the tempo, high though it is, remains almost constant, leading to deja vu and eventually boredom.

Back to the drawing board then.



Finished hiding in Green Day's shadow Alkaline Trio are here to turn your day black.
'Crimson' is the 'Trio's fifth album but the first one you feel is genuinely set to make them megastars.
'Time to Waste' is the first single and a note perfect opener. The quality continues ceaseless throughout and as the fast paced first half gives way 'Crimson' turns into an album your fingers and feet feel they already know.
Even if you don't declare yourself a punk fan give this a go. The lyrics amy be blood red dark but the music is easy on the ear. The catchy, varied and driving rock an excellent base for Daniel Adriano's gravel trap vocals an Matt Skiba's clean delivery.
Evil intent has never sounded so good.