SHAI HULUD- Misanthropy Pure

Shai Hulud are always worth the wait. Despite a chequered history of hectic tours, record label wrangling, name changes, and a constantly revolving line-up (guitarist and metal mastermind Matt Fox is now the only remaining original member) the band have consistently, if not quite regularly, delivered the goods. And album number four is no different. Their Metal Blade Records debut, as well as the first appearance of new vocalist Matt Mazzali, ‘Misanthropy Pure’ is 10 tracks of terrifically good and terrifying metallic hardcore. From the faux-slow then fractious fast of opener ‘Venomspreader’, past the meaty melodies of the title track and a blistering new version of ‘Set Your Body Ablaze’, to the complex attack of closer ‘Cold Lord Quietus…’, this is record overflowing with energy, enthusiasm, and raw, gimmick-free passion. Still ‘Misanthropy Pure’ won’t grant Shai Hulud the widespread respect and record-sales they’ve much deserved for ages now, but it does find them once again inspiring, exciting, revitalising, and rising to the top of a genre they helped spawn.


ANTILLES- Beholder/Destroyer

Hardcore is ruined. In fact over the last few years the genre in all its forms has been ravaged, polluted, and perverted beyond repair- by now this much is absolutely clear. But just because the raw power, innovative aggression, and honest, naked emotions of the genre’s pioneers feel horribly absent, it doesn’t mean they’ve entirely disappeared. Ohio’s Antilles for one, joyously hark back to a scene established over a decade ago- loudly and lovingly tending to the sonic ghosts of screamo leaders like Saetia, City Of Caterpillar and Pg. 99- and their debut full-lenght sounds all the better for it.

Opener ‘Beholder’ is epic, almost ten minutes long and built layer upon layer upon layer, ‘Rumors Of An Apocalypse’ churns past rattled yelps, punk hooks and post-everything dirges like the band were actually pushed for time by the coming end of days, and the complex guitars, gunshot drums and bitter words of ‘Eulogy’ make for a fitting, fiery climax. For all the successes, superior moments, and thrilling suggestions that hardcore is alive and well here though, Antilles seem destined to burn brightly, burn brief, and fade away like their obvious influences. But then they probably wouldn’t want it any other way. Awesome.


Now this is disappointing. About a year back New-Noise was heaping all sorts of praise on Surrey five-piece Tonight Is Goodbye. Sure the band looked a little formulaic, all tight jeans and fancy hair, but on disc they were brilliant. And not just decent for such young dudes, or better than average if you like that kind of thing, but damn near essential. Here on new mini-album ‘Castles’ though, some vital ingredient has been lost...

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