An odd thing this. ‘Controller’, the third full-length from Misery Signals, does as the band have done before, as many bands have done before in fact- combining hulking grooves and raw rage with metallic melody and atmospheric licks- but not for a second does it feel dull, recycled, or second-hand. Instead it sounds like a band on fire. Subtle touches help- Ryan Morgan and Stuart Ross adding sleek guitar tones to their juggernaut riff collection, frontman Karl Schubach finding a clean singing voice that’s both emotional and strong, and tracks like ‘Coma’ and ‘Homecoming’ giving real breathing room to the band’s more beautiful noises - but really it’s passion, precision, and a commanding power that sets this apart from the pack. It won’t work so well if you look at the separate pieces but Misery Signals have never ever been a singles act. Instead this is a mean, moody and emotional steamroller of a record that finds the band doing what they do best- playing metalcore but doing it with original strength, purpose and stunning skill. Excellent.