The world needs another metalcore album like it needs the ozone layer to fail, but there’s something about the way For The Fallen Dreams mix their heavy metal riffs, hardcore chugging, and rabid monster vocals that makes them impossible to hate. Possessing the same combination of headlong intensity and easy listenability as Bury Your Dead used to and bands like Impending Doom and Emmure still capture now helps. But things like the kitchen-sink clatter of 'The Call Out Perceptions', the face-scrunching thunderclap booms of 'December Everyday', guitar lines that are equally metallic and melodic, and a fine choice of repeated one-line fist-in-the-air phrases are really key. There are stumbling blocks though. And the biggest, not just here but across this whole sub-genre, is variety. Sure, Jeremy from A Day To Remember adds his distinctive clean vocals to ‘Nightmare’, ‘Defiance’ is close enough to the quality of Misery Signals to make you sit up and take notice, and there are electronic clicks and whirs scattered throughout but if you’re not paying attention all these songs could easily blend into one moshable, but not terribly moving, breakdown. And nobody wants to think the band wrote these songs just to make people throw down right? No, knuckle down with ‘Relentless’ and it will repay tenfold, and with more than just knuckles to the face when you hit the pit.

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