EMANUEL- Soundtrack to a Headrush

We need a flood, a wave on a biblical scale, to wash away everything that's not working. We need some sort of scene Noah who gets to decide who sticks around to wear more make-up and make out.
But are Emanuel part of the problem or the beginning of a solution?

'Hotline' starts like Every Time I Die then explores every stop on the garage rock A to Z. The chunked guitars, vocal harmonies and slick production of 'Make Tonight' and the title track sound like Blindside of all people. And the end of 'Breathe Underwater' points to possible teenage Nirvana obsessions.

The sounds are as varied as the influences above but the lyrics and structures get a little formulaic.

I'm not going to argue about punk rock with you. Whether you include The Damned and The 'Pistols or Blink and Good Charlotte or all of them, if you like fast and stuttery, call-to-arms, danceable rock you'll find a tune or two on this soundtrack to prick your ear. Just maybe not with a safety pin.

Pretty soon that wave will come and the world will end. Emanuel don't care, it's time to get down.

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