THE HURT PROCESS- A Heartbeat Behind

Despite the faintest whiff of their nu-metal pasts in the beginning of 'Anchor' and some over-emo choruses that stink of drive-by's and butterflies everything comes up smelling of roses (and metalcore) for The Hurt Process on second album proper, 'A Heartbeat Behind'.

The band have gone through some changes since recording their last album which would explain a shift in sound and a lot of the lyrics here could be tiny barbs at those who can't take the pace and jump ship. Maybe. There's definitely added bite to the music.

The shot of vitriol could be seen as an attempt to hi-jack the latest bandwagon were it not for the variety and quality of the songs. The title track ducks and weaves like Killswitch. 'Anchor', 'Take to You' and 'Delicious 53' are exactly the sort of riff heavy metal the last album needed to balance out the abundance of the 'e' word, while 'Boogie Nights..' and an acoustic number ensure The Hurt Process' damn catchy nature and pop sensibilities shine through. These are all still songs you can dance and 'woo!' to, just bolstered by an improved confidence and better writing.

An album of madness, method, and charm to be admired then. Now go see them absolutely rule live.

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